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Does your current freight forwarder handle U.S. Customs or do you have to find another company to do that piece of the international logistics puzzle for you? We can do it all from start to finish with all of your shipments.

Importing and Exporting in today's global market requires an experienced and knowledgeable staff. We have our own Licensed U.S. Customs Broker on staff as well as utilizing GHY USA, Inc., with their century of Customs Brokerage expertise, to manage all the Regulatory Compliance issues necessary to keep your supply chain moving seamlessly.

  • We also offer single invoicing of Customs Brokerage services on your freight bill for more simplified billing on your back office.
  • Compliance assistance for your imports
  • Tariff engineering to help you pay appropriate duty rates
  • Regular access to dedicated brokerage managers and their staff
  • Multimodal capabilities for Canadian import, export, and intra-Canada shipments
  • Full visibility to your freight from door to door
  • Full truckload(both direct and crossdock), LTL, flatbed, rail, air, and ocean services to Mexico and Canada to/from virtually anywhere
  • Multiple crossing locations across the U.S. - Canada and U.S. - Mexico borders
  • Easily bundle your customs brokerage with MME Global Line's ocean, air, and domestic freight services for one-stop solutions

We can also provide the required U.S. Customs Bond that you'll need if you're importing goods into the US.

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